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We are
"Good Sheep"
"Good Shepherd"

We become a good sheep first in Jesus Christ. Good sheep will become a good shepherd and will share the love of God with the world.


Comox Valley Korean Baptist Church has committed ourselves to the mission of being a “Good Sheep” because of the “Good Shepherd” since 2009. We envision our families to be good sheep and good shepherds. This is what we vision and what Jesus Christ wants us to be. We believe we can be the good sheep and good shepherd because Jesus Christ has shown us first and we want to follow his way.

CVKBC is an evangelical and sound Bible church belonging to the WBA of the American Invasion from North Korea Ritual Church, the most sound Protestant church in the United States, and the Canadian Baptist General Assembly, the Brotherhood Church.

What We Believe

We believe,

The bible is the only authority of the Christian faith that teaches God’s people about who God is, what he plans for us written by the holy Spirit.

Our community consists of people who voluntarily accept Jesus Christ as their savior, the Lord, and are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

The church’s special ceremonies are the Baptism of the believer and the Lord's Supper of the believer.

Our Team

Jaeshin, Park

Senior Pastor

Jihyun, LEE

Youth Pastor


Youth Pastor





남선교회 회장


남선교회 총무


여선교회 회장


여선교회 총무


1250 Anderton Rd,
Comox, BC, V9M 3Z2
Our hours
주일예배 오후 2시
어린이&청소년교회 예배 오후 2시 20분
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